The Cyples Family
The End of the Canadian Adventure

During this period my mother had become more and more disillusioned with the place and was desperate to return home. At this point (early 1950) my father decided to cut his losses and make every effort to grant my mother her wish. The house was put up for sale and plans were made to return to England as soon as was physically possible. When L.J. learned of the new proposals he wrote the following letter:
I see that Bradley has your place advertised for 3,000, 1,500 down. If you expect me to cash the resulting agreement of sale then it had better be for not more than 12 or 13???? with monthly payments of about 35?? per month @ 6% I have been thinking this matter over since I saw you last and I should not be willing to cash this agreement at all for the following reasons
1st Its not to your daughters interest to return ( and I understand she does not want to return ) You will recall that one of your reasons for coming here was so that your daughter "might have a better future".
2nd You can make just as good a living here and better than in England and selling out is not necessary You could and can get a steady job in a mill or else-where here but unfortunately you are not very ambitous I was talking to ??? ???? and he said he saw no reason why you could not get a job for he said if you were to visit the mills and other places persistently enough one of them would hire you to get rid of you if for no other reason. A large part of you English working people have had the Government do so much for you all of your lives that you have grown up to lean on others to do for you things which you should have pride enough to insist on doing for your-self.
And now I come to the last reason why I should not oblige you by cashing the proposed agreement:
I sent you $400.00 before you left England then if I had charged you $30.00 per month rent for the 10 months you lived with me ( and you would have had to pay that much for similar accommodation else-where ) that would be 300.00 then I gave you that bed and other favors so that tho I charged you one $1,000.00 for the place you actually got it for less than $300.00 yet both you and the wife insist I did not do the right thing by you and so tell it around to others.You said Sunday that you had an offer of $4,000.00 cash for it last Summer so you got from me for about $250.00 a place some one was willing to pay you $4,000 cash for. ( Most people would consider you quite lucky ) but have you shown in any way any gratitude I should say not!
You lived all your life near your cousin W.Cyples. Did he ever do any thing for you? I said I'd charge you 3% int on the unpaid portion. Why should I have done it ( which I did ) when you had more than enough to pay all cash.
The real fact is you had hopes that in addition to my doing what I did for you that I'd continue to make live soft for you. Well I'd have done more for you had it not been for the fact that I found you to be so dammed selfish.
Your only interest in me was get as much from me as possible AND I HAVE KNOWN IT A LONG TIME Now then about me cashing an agreement. The regular market is to charge the seller 10% as a bonus and if I ever cash one for you I will pay face value but only on condition that authorize you real estate agent to pay over to your sister Millicent the 10% bonus that I could claim, and that he actually sent her 10% of the then face value.
I know that there are many others like you never-the-less there is not a spark of generosity in your nature. No matter how much I were to give you ( if I were sucker enough ) you would not share a nickle of it, no not one penny with any of your brothers or sisters although they would have as much right to it as you.
Spit on your hands, roll up your sleeves and get a job and get a job and don't expect the Government or others to do what you are capable of doing your-self.
I was informed to-night that "K and K" or some such mill is going to put on an extra shift Anyway its on the water front near you.
Before you left England I was to make the going fairly easy for you here and you were to make a go of it on your part but you have not the guts so it would seem.
You should be ashamed of your-self.
If you go back be sure to tell every one how very badly I treated you. Even tho you take back with you more money than you ever had ( in a lump sum ) in your life.
L.J. Siples
P.S. I am neither fool enough nor sucker enough to do anything for any-one if they have the health and strength to do it for themselves. If you sell out and go back you will be a disgrace to the name of Cyples. Have some pride and guts.
When you tell others I jupped ??? you tell the whole truth.
Another Point of View