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My First Pot

Photo provided by P.L.Smith.
When I started my research,I had absolutely no idea just what pots were still in existence,or indeed,how diverse the paterns and styles were.I was contacted back in 2001 by a lady who actually collected "Cyples Old Pottery" and when she heard that I did not own a piece,she very kindly gave me this pot.She was amazed that I was a Cyples descendant and researcher,who did not have a single piece of the pottery to my name!

Photos in the The Surviving Pots Album.

Lynn Thompson 1Lynn Thompson 2Bronnie Stephenson N.Z 1Bronnie Stephenson N.Z 2
Bronnie Stephenson N.Z 3Barry Tranter U.K. 1Barry Tranter U.K. 2Barry Tranter U.K. 3
Brian Lovell 1Brian Lovell 2David Paterson 1David Paterson 2
David Paterson 3David Paterson 4David Paterson 5Mrs Slingsby Smith
My First PotMrs CromptonStuart James AustraliaBob Mc Naughton N.Z.
 Peter Wyss U.K.Granny's potElena Miller Uraguay 1
Elena Miller Uraguay 2Elena Miller Uraguay 3Elena Miller Uraguay 4Kathy Dent 1
Kathy Dent 2Peter Fowkes 1Peter Fowkes 2Earl Davis
Fred Martin 2Fred Martin 1

For the most part, these Pots were manufactured by the company J.T. Fell & co, probably in the 1920/30's.

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